DJ Trivia League Rules

DJ Trivia League Rules

2020 DJ Trivia League Rules - League One - 01/05/20 - 05/22/20
DJ Trivia Leagues run for approximately 20 weeks

  1. Each location is it's own league. Check My League Stats Now

  2. By this we mean each team must claim a “home” location.

  3. If you play at the same location more than once a week, one night will be considered your league standings while the second may accumulate bonus points, as described below.

  4. Each week the top three teams will continue to win the first, second and third place prizes at the location they are playing. Normally, “house cash" gift certificates.

  5. Over 20 weeks, each teams top 14 scores will be tallied, the bottom 6 scores will be dropped automatically.  This will change throughout the 20 weeks if your team scores higher or lower during a game.

  6. The goal is to send the top teams to a “Grand Championship”.

  7. The maximum number of teams to be sent to a play-off from one league\location will be determined by the DJ Trivia affiliate based upon play-off location.

  8. A team must compete a minimum of six league weeks to qualify for play-off status.

  9. A team must use the same team name during a league period.

  10. Teams are responsible for acquiring and turning in League Bonus points at each location. League Bonus points only count toward league standings not daily game standings and will be entered after the daily game has concluded.  A limit of one League Bonus chip per team, per game may be turned in to the home location.

  11. DJ Trivia, it's affliates, partners and service locations shall not be held responsible for any missed dates including but not limited to holidays, special events, closure or cancellation.

  12. DJ Trivia reserves the right to change league rules without notice.

No Recruiting

DJ Trivia tracks how many players are on each team every week. Recruiting other players from other teams who didn't make it to the next level or recruiting extra players for play-off gain will not be allowed. If your team normally has, for example... 4 players during the league you will not be allowed to bring 8 to the play-offs and Championship.

No Tolerance

No electronic devices allowed. We didn't say "If we catch you", we said “NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED!” If you have an electronic device, book, paper or anything else that could be mistaken for a study material we strongly suggest you power it down and put it away. There will be no warnings. If we even catch a glimpse of any of these items during the playoff or Grand Championship your entire team will be eliminated, no questions asked. Again, if they are sitting on your table in front of you regardless if they are on or not, your team will be DQ'd.

*League rules may vary by market.  Each league is managed by the independent affiliate in your market.