DJ Trivia

The Complete Trivia Solution.

"In February 2010, I invested in DJ Trivia.  As a single op, I was looking to become full time in the business & believed DJ Trivia was the solution.  DJ Trivia was such a hit with restaurants and bars that my schedule quickly became full. I now run 40+ DJ Trivia shows per week!"

Bill Shaflucas
Easton Entertainment - Buffalo, NY

What We Offer
  • DJ Trivia is the only live trivia solution with over 20 years of R&D.
  • It's live! DJ Trivia is displayed on TVs & hosted by professionals like you. (no drinking or vulgarity).
  • Our proprietary trivia system was created by us, for us, the best live trivia entertainment company in the World.
  • Our team generates original, accurate trivia content daily to keep players engaged.
  • A fun game for all ages including a variety of trivia categories.
  • Interactive league play.
  • DJ Trivia is a proven national brand. 

How You Benefit

  • Simplicity! DJ Trivia makes it easy to manage.
  • Effortless game downloads.
  • Real-time league management.
  • Venue stats.
  • Simple load in/load out.
  • Rights to use the DJ Trivia name in your market.

The Bottom Line 

  • Our goal is to boost business in the food and beverage industry by creating a second dinner rush. By meeting this demand we in turn create a constant revenue stream week after week for all parties involved. It’s a win-win.