DJ Trivia

The Complete Trivia Solution.

"Affiliation with DJ Trivia was, without a doubt, the very best decision to grow our mobile entertainment business. In just 18 months our company became the largest provider of bar/restaurant entertainment in the market, surpassing a national company that had been here for 3 years and a local competitor that had been operating for 7 years.

DJ Trivia provides us with the technology tools, support and national brand recognition that allow us to concentrate on operating and growing the business."

Rick Good
Sounds Good!
mobile entertainment
Raleigh, NC

What We Offer

  • DJ Trivia is the only live trivia solution with over 20 years of R&D.
  • It's live! DJ Trivia is displayed on TVs & hosted by professionals like you. (no drinking or vulgarity).
  • Our proprietary trivia system was created by us, for us, the best live trivia entertainment company in the World.
  • Our team generates original, accurate trivia content daily to keep players engaged.
  • A fun game for all ages including a variety of trivia categories.
  • Interactive league play.
  • DJ Trivia is a proven national brand. 

How You Benefit

  • Simplicity! DJ Trivia makes it easy to manage.
  • Effortless game downloads.
  • Real-time league management.
  • Venue stats.
  • Simple load in/load out.
  • Rights to use the DJ Trivia name in your market.

The Bottom Line 

  • Our goal is to boost business in the food and beverage industry by creating a second dinner rush. By meeting this demand we in turn create a constant revenue stream week after week for all parties involved. It’s a win-win.