DJ Trivia

America's Best Trivia.

DJ Trivia is designed to increase business in restaurants and bars during times that would otherwise be slow.  Sunday through Thursday evenings, after your regular dinner crowd, are excellent times to build a repeat customer base.  Our proven methods and exclusive technology have been formulated over the last several years to maximize the greatest potential and return on your hard earned dollars.  Like our players say, "Nothing compares to DJ Trivia!"

How You Benefit

  • DJ Trivia is the only live trivia solution with over 20 years of R&D.
  • It's live! DJ Trivia is displayed on your TVs & hosted by a professional. (no drinking or vulgarity)
  • Our real-time on screen scoring system keeps teams interested throughout the entire game.
  • Original, accurate trivia content generated daily so teams never get bored.
  • A fun game for all ages including a variety of trivia categories.
  • Interactive league play.
  • A second dinner rush to boost your mid-week revenue.
  • A satisfied customer base that returns week after week.
  • Increased food & beverage ticket sales.
  • We're the best in the business because of our customers.
  • DJ Trivia is a proven national brand.